Sultry air
in my hair.
The summer breeze
soft against my knees.
Your hands
grip my waist tight, making amends.
Our lips,
pressed on gently, drawing musical moans in uneven bits.

Amber honey warms the skin
Under the embrace of
Sweet honeysuckle candle’s soft glow.
Stealthy shivers up my spine
Gliding over side to side
About glittering dew drops,
Around glistening sweet sap smears.

Days of second guessing sickness
Suddenly, I feel as if this relationship

With the exit of one and the entrance of another, the characters of life alerted uneasy ripples at first, but continued the march forward in balanced strength.

The sins are mounting… paradoxically almost, wouldn’t you say.

Phosphene engulfed memory
marbled in the ever present grooves
of lacquered wooden boards
defaced in the name of virtue.

They are
the incontestable moon
the hidden tracks
of a cratered path.

I never feel lonely when I’m alone, but it’s a feeling that often happens when I’m around other people, especially crowds.

A busy wind encircling its way deeper into these undefined fortunes.

I really think having crushes is the stupidest thing ever because of how much frustration and pain it puts you through ~because guys are unbelievably dumb and oblivious about E V E R Y T H I N G. doesn’t matter if they’re going to med school or ivy leagues or live in a cave. they’re all dumb about girls.
so dumb. so frustrating. so many feelings.